Avoid troubles regarding the navigation through unkown city!
We facilitate your life by providing cars in Kyiv for 24 hours or more. Contact us to discuss the details!
We want you to feel good in that car. That's what we did to achieve it.
Available driver
If you don't want to drive by yourself, you can rent a car with a driver. He knows the city, he has a lot of experience in driving. Just enjoy the trip, don't be bothered by anything else.
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English for drivers is necessary
Our main goal is a simple communication between drivers and every foreigner who come to this city. All of our drivers can freely speak English, so he will certainly understand you. He can even participate in conversation on different subjects. Of course, if you want him to.
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Fast delivering
We know that sometimes a car is extremely urgent. We will send you a car in an hour. If you have special requests, you can contact us a day or two before you need it.
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Cars Ukraine is dedicated to providing for our clients the seamless experience of traveling and navigating through Kyiv. It's your personal car and it's your personal driver for the time you've rented!

Business Trip

Get a business class machine for your meetings

Comfortable Trip

Get a car to be on time everywhere

Happy Trip

Get a car for a wedding day, birthdays or other holidays
Just take the one you like or ask us about a car you really want to drive.
You haven't found the one you want?
Just write to us. It's not all cars we have in possession. We can provide you with a model you want.
Get a ride right now!
Leave us your contacts or call us!
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Questions you might want to ask before going on the road.
How old should I be?
You have to be more than 21 years to drive our cars alone. If you rent a car with a driver, it's not necessary.
How much experience should I have?
You must have driver licence and more than 2 years experience to drive our cars alone. If you rent a car with a driver, it's not necessary.
Am I responsible for a harm or a theft during period of my rent?
All of our cars have insurance. In case of a theft or a big damage you have to pay 10% of the value of the car. In case insurance company will refuse to pay the compensation (if you broke the rules of traffic regulations, for instance), you would have to pay 100% of the value.